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Management Philosophy




Enzan continues to provide a win-win situation for
its customers, colleagues, and community.

Enzan pledges the following to earn “loyalty” from customers, colleagues, and the community.


Abide by all rules and regulations.
Carry through on all promises.
Be humble in all situations and act with respect.
Never quit regardless of the situation and cooperate with one other.
Be aware of limited resources and strive for maximum results at a minimum of cost.

Enzan pledges the following to provide customers with
“Wonder” and “Amazement”.


Stand by its convictions.
Provide customers with prompt service.
Produce and provide customers with products that have yet to be seen.
Provide customers with high-quality service at reasonable cost.

Enzan pledges the following to provide colleagues with “Dreams” and “Hope”.


Provide colleagues with a comfortable workplace.
Provide a workplace where each individual colleague has an active role.
Reasonably assess contributions by colleagues.
Continually consider new paths for each individual colleague.

Enzan pledges the following to provide the community
with “Development” and “Innovations”.


Return a portion of profits for social development.
Ensure the entire company takes action regarding natural conservation.
Continue to develop products that benefit society.


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