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Enzan Koubou develops ICT solutions for domestic and foreign customers to solve their problems pertaining to construction and civil engineering.


5 Features

A system solution company

Enzan Koubou is a system development company that solves problems at construction sites, with a focus on tunnel construction. We contribute to solving our clients' problems through a variety of solutions ranging from automatic control systems for surveying equipment and heavy machinery to communication network construction and software for analyzing and managing collected data. Our proprietary software and systems are built to meet the needs of our customers. We provide comprehensive support from design to implementation and operation. We also focus on after-sales support, and provide detailed follow-up services in accordance with on-site conditions in various countries around the world.


Developing and providing advanced systems

The main business of Calculation Studio is "measurement and control" and "development of communication environment" in tunnel construction. In addition to providing high-precision measurement systems, we can also develop remote measurement systems using remote sensing, high-resolution cameras and laser sensors for highly difficult tunnel construction sites. We provide information technology that contributes to labor saving, cost reduction, and productivity improvement. Software and hardware can be contracted or jointly developed upon request. We are promoting joint development not only with general contractors and other construction companies, but also with universities and other research institutions.


Core Competence of Arithmetic Workshop

Enzan Koubou has a diverse range of technologies to develop the services needed in the field, from all kinds of technologies related to automated surveying to technologies such as 3D modeling and computer graphics to communicate in a way that is easy for users to understand. The basis of these technologies is the core competence of Arithmetic Laboratory. We are constantly refining our high-level technologies from the four perspectives of "measurement," "creation," "presentation," and "connection," which other companies cannot imitate.

Measuring Technique

Measurement and Control Technology How to improve accuracy


Hardware Production System development according to your needs

Art of showing off

Software Development How to show it according to the customer

Connecting Technology

Network Technology Technology that connects information and connects people

Engineering Technology connect people


Engineering Services

No matter how sophisticated the equipment is, it is meaningless if it cannot be used on site. One of the features of Enzan Koubou is that we can provide "engineering services" to support on-site users even after delivery. We have many SEs and programmers who have worked for major general contractors and a variety of other industries. We support not only system construction at the time of introduction, but also operation support such as on-site lectures and troubleshooting after introduction. We have branches and local subsidiaries in China and Singapore, so we are able to provide support to sites around the world.


Numerous installations in Japan and abroad

"Enzan Koubou's solutions are used at more than 1,600 sites overseas and 2,600 sites in Japan.
Enzan Koubou's solutions are used in Japan and around the world. In particular, our automated tunnel surveying and control systems are used in a wide range of infrastructure construction sites, from highway and subway construction sites to sewage and water storage tanks, undergrounding of electric lines, and more.
Our development members include foreign programmers and SEs, and one of our features is that we can provide items that can be used worldwide in Japanese, English, Chinese, and other languages."

Basic Technologies

  • Advanced Sensor Technology
  • Control Technology
    • - Sequence Control
    • - Fuzzy Control Systems
    • - Process Control
  • image processing
  • Cognitive Sensors
  • database
  • Neural Network System Construction
  • CG production
  • FEM analysis and fluid simulation
  • Network construction
  • Internet
  • GPS
  • Optical surveying systems
  • Fiber Optic Measurement Systems
  • gyrocompass
  • Laser Systems
  • VR AR
  • remote sensing
  • Image Analysis
  • AI


Products and Services

Inquiries about product and service introduction

Inquiries about product and service introduction


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