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Enzan Koubou provides ICT solutions to achieve informative construction.

We provide solutions to control and aggregate data from surveying equipment. Since there are no same construction site, we are continuously researching new technologies and developing software.

Software Development


Hardware Production

Biwako Technical Center

Engineering Services

Support at each construction site

Develop and provide survey & control systems

Our unique and accurate software can control survey devices. Save labor and eliminate human errors by installing our precision systems and automation technology.

Develop and provide remote control systems

The latest survey devices and advanced communication technologies enable to data collection and processing even in closed spaces.

Providing consistent systems support from designing to operation

We constantly support customers from system design, in-house development and delivery to support. ICT systems built up with Self-developed software, latest survey devices, communication technology and computers. Using the latest technological standards in networking, it is possible to monitor and review all the data from construction site in real time, even at head offices, helping safe and effective construction.

Promote 3D solution CIM

We’ve rapidly provided Construction Information Modeling which is promoted by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. In order to share the information with related parties, we develop 3D modeling of construction process and management.

Produce WEB access

Web access is provided to construction sites for sharing and review purposes. The information is visualized in an easy to understand pattern which can be general or site specific. Advanced CG can also be incorporated on request.

Produce Advanced Computer Graphics

We produce advanced Computer Graphics as information for relative parties and a PR document of the huge projects. For example, in a neighborhood, many people are not able to see the construction site directly, these advanced Computer graphics help them understand the progress of construction.


Products and Services

Inquiries about product and service introduction

Inquiries about product and service introduction


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