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Core competence

Core competence

Enzan Koubou’s systems are developed with a strong combination of 【Measurements】・【Creation】・
【Display / monitoring】・【Network】, having high level core competence. Based on it, Enzan Koubou’s solutions can be expanding into various other fields.


Uniqueness   All softwares are developed in house and are Enzan Koubou’s proprietary.
Superiority   Flexible solutions, which can adopt / incorporate other systems. Variety of solutions Prompt response Global Corporation.
Continuity   Constantly innovating and adopting new technology. Proven track record and experience.

We provide advanced technology for precise measurements. A vast array of survey equipment with high degree of accuracy. In addition various accurate remote sensing and GPS, high-resolution cameras and laser sensors are included to provide accurate measurements in terrains extending beyond human sight.



We also provide specific (custom) solutions for each customer. Software to control and manage surveys and survey equipment centrally. Easy information sharing across various locations through cloud connection, allowing systems to be controlled and maintained remotely.




Easy to use systems with User-friendly GUI.
Easy to understand and variety of data visualization techniques helping customers understand the information presented to them by the equipment.
Enzan’s software are developed with the user’s perspective in consideration. Enzan’s solution crunch the huge amounts of data into easily understandable information for the users. We provide software which is highly customizable and can be adopted anywhere.

Enzan Koubou provides constant support to it’s customers and help them get maximum output from it’s solutions. Our systems are constantly innovated with the help of customer feedback making our systems superior to any competition around the globe. These principles are necessary for the improvement of ICT To make the customer use the system with maximum use, we support them as possible as we can. We try to brush up our system with advisable feedbacks from customer to make the system better.
                                                       We believe these steps contribute to improve ICT in all

Please contact us about our products and service here. 【Business Hour】Japan Time9:00-18:00 (Monday-Friday)



Head office: 237-3 Yamazato-cho,Kamigyo-ku,Kyoto 602-8268, Japan
TEL: +81-75-417-0100   FAX: +81-75-417-0200

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