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Enzan Koubou provides “IT solutions” for the construction and civil engineering industry. We’ve contributed in automation and labor saving at various tunnel constructions.
In Japan, the industry is synonymous to Japanese 3K concept, which is “Kitsui (Difficult)”,” Kitanai (Dirty)” and “Kiken (Dangerous)”. To solve the 3K problem, Enzan Koubou has developed the following three concepts to streamline and increase the precision of construction work.


1. Automate “reportative operation”
2.Centralize and Share “construction information”
3.Collect and construct feedback as much as possible,
  aim at making it a real-time.


We’ve discovered new fields for IT implementation. IT knowledge had little or nothing to do in civil engineering or construction industry in the past. We provide complete systems with hardware and software and an experienced team of technicians installation, training and customer support. We aim to establish “Totally Automated Solutions” for construction sites. Currently our systems are in operation on more than 1,000 sites in Japan and close to 500 sites internationally.


Enzan has conquered the construction industry. Our ambitions are much greater, we at Enzan envision our systems being used in all labor-heavy industries. Industries that rely on humans to exert more effort and work in dangerous places, we can transform them into automated, productive and safe environments. In the near future, we will try to expand our business in these areas contributing to manufacturing and human resource cultivation through ICT.


President Minoru Hayashi

Please contact us about our products and service here. 【Business Hour】Japan Time9:00-18:00 (Monday-Friday)



Head office: 237-3 Yamazato-cho,Kamigyo-ku,Kyoto 602-8268, Japan
TEL: +81-75-417-0100   FAX: +81-75-417-0200

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