Product Summary

Collect and consolidate survey data at construction sites of mountain tunneling (NATM construction sites).



1. Auto survey system

2. Variety of laser marking functions

3. Comprehensive construction management


Main Specification

Auto Survey system

Auto Survey system is equipped with all the necessary functions required to perform a survey. You can choose from various forms of survey and send commands to the survey equipment through a tablet terminal. The survey will be completed by the equipment automatically.
Auto survey function
High-precision Resection
Face measurement
Calculation support tool

Variety of laser marking functions

Lasers help indicate the positions of next digging based on design data as well as identify whether steel bolts have been installed or not.

Comprehensive construction management

This system provides a function to review the correlation with design data and survey results. The construction management system also enable consolidation of construction information and sum up the results in a report.



Effective from installation

The auto survey system reduces human errors, enhance accuracy and save power. For instance, the necessary amount of concrete after excavating can be figured out accurately. Material optimization leads to cost saving.


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